Thursday, December 6, 2012

You Must Read This!

Friends, this is the absolutely best-described first hand account of what happens to us when life hands us an infant with a significant handicap and our life changes forever.  It is from Slate Magazine, and it is a wowzer.

Feel free to let the author know that yes, she can look forward to many more years of those "full-bodied hugs." 

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  1. Speaking of hugs...we had some visitors on the ranch this month. A great group of teachers and students came to see the ranch. The students were young adults with special needs. I noted that the teachers were asking the students to refrain from hugging. One teacher explained that they ask the students to shake hands instead. I understand the reasons for this. I know because for the past 30 years we have been told to teach handshakes over hugs to the people we serve. There are so many shouldn't dos and must nots...but I still prefer the hug. A hug communicates caring and love. It is joy wrapped around each other. I wish you a lifetime of hugs. Happy Holidays!
    Cathy B